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June 28th 2021

To Whom it May Concern,

My name is Nicholas Campiglia and I am proud to offer my high recommendation of Bill Getz to whom I have personally known for 15 years as an incredible professional Dowser. Bill carries himself in a polite and respectable manner. In 2006, our family had the pleasure of working will Bill for water dowsing. He marked a spot on our property located at 479 State Highway 162 in Sprakers, NY stating that we would have to drill 47 ft and through 1 ft of bedrock to hit a clean and sulfur free water source. As Bill predicted, we got water at the exact location and depth. Not only did we get water, but we got excellent high-quality water. Our well has supplied our home and apple orchard with great water pressure for 15 years and never gone dry. The National Geological Society came and tested the water and found that the water found was perfect, no gases, no excess minerals, and no harmful toxins. Bill also found three bubbling springs on our property that we use to feed our pond, which has also never gone dry. We really can't thank Bill enough as he is a highly skilled individual and will be using him again for any plans to drill in the future. I cannot strongly enough encourage you to consider using Bill before considering drilling a well.

Sincerely, Nicholas Campiglia

Bill, You came out to Alexander Road in Galway on January 5th of this calendar year.Your estimates were as follows - 6 GPM, 55-70 feet to reach water, 160 deep and 26 static.Here is what occurred - 10 GPM, 51 Feet to reach water and 180 deep. They put in 60 feet of casing. There is no static level indicated so I can't share that information with you.

I found one pounder would came out and reported the land had a lot of rock and he was hesitant, has a problem getting dynamite, and didn't want to drive out that far to pound a well. We used a driller out of Argle NY who got in and out in one day. RIchard Lysine(sp) He had done another well very close to our house on Hermance Road a few years past. Just wanted you to know I had not forgotten to get these stats to you, we just had the well drilled yesterday.

Thank you Louise

If you haven’t heard yet….I got water! (The well driller) Mark Lawrence was skeptical because it’s been tough in my area to find water, good or bad!

As you predicted, he hit 20 gallons per minute at less than 80 feet! I thank you and will praise your work to everyone!

Schenectady, NY

Thanks Bill, again, for being a great friend and dowser, coming down to Tully/Lafaytette and helping with some water and well questions... expert advice and will follow all said. Very complex situations were handled with ease and great appreciation for all that Bill was able to detect and determine. One explaination made it clear that Bill knows his stuff.

Wil Alaura

FEB 2, 2013 I'm a vegetable farmer in Columbia county and recently purchased 60 acres where I plan to build a home and farm. I made the mistake of starting to have a well drilled without dowsing - based on the well records in the neighborhood, it seemed very likely that we would get a high volume gravel well anywhere we chose. That was a costly mistake! Right now they are at 430 feet, with about a pint/minute. They are suggesting going another 100 feet, and considering fracking as an option if the yield isn't high enough at that point. I'm not comfortable with that option, and also think it doesn't seem right to keep going deeper when there must be a more accessible water source somewhere near our building site.

FEB 6, 2013 Hi Bill- they hit water today! Seems like it's somewhere around 12gpm, only 30' deep. Maybe this well we're working with will be productive enough to meet our water needs. i'll keep you posted.
Eileen and Nicholas Claverack, NY

FEB 27, 2013 The driller hit good water where you dowsed the site. He was bailing 40+ gallons per minute at 40 feet of depth.
Adam Weaver Sprakers, NY

I just wanted to let you know that you were RIGHT ON!! Well, actually you were off a little bit.....we drilled in the spot you told us would give us 8 gallons a minute but its giving us 14 gallons a minute, ha ha.

I can't tell you how thankful were are!!! Everyone kept telling us we wouldn't get water on that property and even the well drillers was skeptical.....we proved them wrong. Had it not been for your help we may not have picked the right spot.

Thank you so very much!!
Mary Jo

We drove a point down 31 feet exactly where you indicated, and we found water. We pump out seven gallons a minute! Thank you for your help.

Doug Z

Thank you Bill, you where correct on location and depth on the well sites you dowsed at 233 North Rd. Well done, no pun intended. I will gladly recommend your services.

Sincerely Rick H

You did some water dowsing for us and I just wanted you to know that  you picked the right location and predicted the right flow (20  gallons) however the water was at 30 feet and the drillers went down  200 feet and lost it.

They drilled again 15 feet from the first well and found 6 gallons a  minute which will pass the county requirements.
Thanks again for finding the right spot to drill!

Nikki Gregory

This letter provides me the opportunity to recommend Bill Getz as an experienced person in the art of Dowsing.

With a background of over 50 years of experience, he has been a mentor to our Chapter and has freely given of his time to teach and tutor members (including myself in water dowsing) to advance their knowledge.

He is well respected by area Drillers as a highly skilled individual, is empathetic and considerate with his customers, and has been known to forfeit his fee on occasion, in lieu of his customers donation to the Water For Humanity program at the American Society of Dowsers.

Frank Hoenig
Kinderhook, NY

I am writing to let you know that we did get water in the exact spot you marked for us on 6/13/06.

We made sure the driller, Mark Lawrence, set up his pounder rig exactly where you marked.  And we hit water at 140 feet yielding at least 36 gallons per minute.

Our first well in 1953 was drilled to 430 feet and got only about 1 quart per minute.  That driller did his own dowsing. For the next few years we had 3 more wells drilled (by the same man.)  All were dry holes.

I really can't thank you enough.
Pat Kaine
Delmar, NY

I have watched Bill find good water sources at the predicted flow rate and depth, but I have also watched him use his gift in many other ways. He was able to contact spirit energies in several old hotels that I was investigating for my ghost books. Additionally, he was able to determine the sex and age, and sometimes the personal problems of the haunting entities, so we might help them to depart in peace. Also, I know he helped locate lost graves when working with an historical society. He is very good at what he does!
David J. Pitkin, author of New England Ghosts

David Pitkin passed away in FEB 2013. A Memorial Fund has been in his name to provide potable water and sanitary conditions in India. Give a Gift of Water-Get a Gift of Books. 

The David Pitkin Fund

 I had my well drilled yesterday and the driller went down 91 ft.  It is not hooked to the house yet and I haven't drank it, but it looked like it cleared up pretty quick.  They will be putting the pump in today and hopefully hook-up to house Thursday or Friday.  They used a screen and took time to develop the well, which was nice.  Considering people around me have gone 450 to 700 feet and ended up with nasty gray water, I couldn't be happier.  At 47 feet was clay and I could tell the driller was skeptical.  I'm so glad you were able to come out to my house and find water before you went on vacation.  I would like to thank you for finding the water, taking the time to explain things and answering all my questions.  My well point is just about dry, so it will be nice to have some water back in the house.  Thanks again.

  Joe C.  Saratoga Springs NY

Photos courtesy of Frank Hoenig and Lorna Reichel

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