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Bill Getz Dowses in any kind of weather Background:

 Bill began dowsing at age 4, when a dowser came to locate a water source for his parents' restaurant in Central NY. Being curious, Bill watched the dowser as he did his work.  He then picked up the Y shaped branch and got reaction over the water vein.  The dowser, seeing this, then spent time teaching him the basics of dowsing.  Nine years later, Bill had the opportunity to apply his gift.  A local farmer was hand pumping over 500 gallons of water a day from the restaurant well to water his cows during a dry summer. Bill offered his services and successfully dowsed a shallow well site for him.  Both the restaurant and farm wells are still producing water for their current owners.

    Bill has always had a strong connection to nature and finds peace and serenity in natural places heightening his intuitive awareness. As an adult he discovered the Readings of Edgar Cayce and has applied those spiritual concepts in his daily life ever since. Edgar Cayce' s A.R.E.  The Cayce concepts taught that one needs to be of service to others. Retirement allowed him to pursue his dowsing abilities at an increased level, developing working relationships with many drillers, and learning everything he can about rural water supplies to save his customers money when they have a well drilled.
To date, Bill has successfully dowsed over 2000 well sites throughout Central and Eastern New York State. He currently limits his dowsing to Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday in Eastern NY and no more than 1.5 hours driving time from his home in Schoharie County. Other locations such as the Mohawk corridor and Central NY are limited and by special arrangements.

Other dowsing:

Mohawk Hudson DowsersEarth Water Alliance

Bill has been an active member Mohawk-Hudson Dowsers He inspired the Chapter to raise funds to support 14 water wells in India as memorials for Chapter members who have passed over. He is a Life Member of the American Society of Dowsers and has been a frequent speaker at the ASD Convention. Bill currently is a Director for Earth Water Alliance, Inc. Check out their work on

Bill also grows and markets Organic Red Raspberries and Vegetables to local restaurants. Other interests are kayaking with the CNY Kayakers Cross country skiing , hiking, travel and photography.

Photos courtesy of Frank Hoenig and Lorna Reichel

Bill Getz, Professional Water Dowser
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